True blue: keep it cool for azure eyes with a modern look

Blue eyeshadow conjures the garish 80s. But context is king. This blue eye is deliciously contemporary and that’s down to everything else you see going on. The skin is not overdone – just a teeny bit of base. Cheeks are also wonderfully subtle – a velvety (not greasy) cream blush is just the ticket. Lips, again, keep minimal, but slightly glossy – it contrasts nicely against the skin. And after you apply blue shadow, add a slick line of black ink. That’s the real secret to keeping it modern.

I can’t do without… A spray-on moisturiser that works even if you aren’t on TikTok

Many people outside the beauty industry – and not on TikTok – have probably never heard of Dr Jart+. But it’s huge. It was at the heart of the Korean beauty (aka K Beauty) boom so it has long been on the radar of beauty editors. And now TikTokers. Among its biggest hits were the rubber, ice-cream-hued hyaluronic face masks. Kooky? Yes. Fun? Indeed. Youthful? I guess. But regardless of where you sit on the youth-to-maturity barometer, it’s worth getting acquainted with Dr Jart because the formulations are super innovative and brilliant on all skins. The most recent launch is the Ceramidin range. Infused with ceramides, it nurtures the skin barrier (basically the skin’s protective shield) and locks moisture in. A healthy skin barrier is the key to how our skin looks and behaves. Dry skin, over-production of oils, irritation, breakouts? Signs of a dodgy skin barrier. This range helps nurse it back to health. I am currently loving the cream mist. Most mists on the market may as well be tap water in a spray bottle. This, however, is incredible. It’s an amazing creamy moisturiser in a liquid, spray form that is lightweight but intensely hydrating. So clever. It’s a doddle to use, my skin looks brighter, plumper, my makeup sits better… Oh, and my skin barrier is in good shape. Yours will be, too. Even if you’re not on TikTok. Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Cream Mist, £20,